Instapage Vs Leadpages


In a world that knows the significance of landing pages to marketing and successful businesses, we’ve created tools that make it so that you no longer have to collaborate with designers to make them happen.

Now, the everyday marketer or business person is empowered to make aesthetically appeasing, functioning and high-conversion landing pages by themselves thanks to tools such as Instapage, Unbounce and, of course, Leadpages.

Which of these tools will allow you to create the landing page you will need to move forward? Will Leadpages still come out on top when pushed up against the competition?

We’ve taken the liberty of comparing Leadpages against them so that you can make a fully informed decision of what will work best for you!


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Leadpages VS Instapage Instapage Vs Leadpages

Let’s start this out by running down a few of what each tool has to bring to the table.

Leadpages has that great drag and drop editor that makes building landing pages a breeze. You’ve got over 130 templates to experiment with, great integrations with your favorite marketing services, payment gateways, CRMs as well as detailed analytics, hosted landing pages and even the ability to create a full website if you need it to.

Instapage has a distinctive grid-free drag and drop interface for their editor, over 200 free templates to use, with even more available via Envato, a great deal of integrations, analytics made easy, split testing and collaboration tools that’s particularly useful if you’re working as a team.

Concerning templates, the clear winning concerning the sheer quantity and number is Instapage. They simply have so much more to choose from. Yes, there are more free templates with Leadpages’ Standard Editor, but most will, and ought to, defer to the drag and drop editor because, well, it is easier.

Concerning the quality of the designs however, both Leadpages and Instapage have great templates to offer you, undoubtedly, but again, because of sheer numbers, Instapgages wins this round.

In regards to their page editor, however, it is a matter of personal preference because they both do their jobs really well, but in different ways.

Leadpages utilizes a drag-and-drop editor using a grid-based layout that will assist you build your page. It is pretty similar actually to how WordPress lets you build. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy builder that works particularly well if you’re all about finding the ideal spacing and getting things perfectly aligned.

On the flip side, if Leadpages uses a very structured editor, Instapage goes the opposite direction. Instead of a grid system, Instapage employs a free for all, free-form building interface. Now you don’t need to stick to a template and alternatively you can drag and drop your elements anywhere on the page.

This enables you more freedom to get the design you want. Instapage will offer suggestions on how to correctly align your elements of course — they won’t just leave you be with no help — but you are free to ignore the suggestions and do whatever you want.

We will not say one is far better than other because, at the end the day, it really boils down to your taste and style of building. Do you want a guided experience which makes building even simpler and easier, or would you like the ability to do whatever you want to as you create?

It’s on you.

1 aspect wherein there is a clear winning however would be the widgets, with Leadpages offering 18 widgets to Instapage’s 11. That might not seem like a lot, but these widgets can be really useful as elements you’ll need when building your landing page.

When it comes to price, Leadpages kind of wins , with Instapage coming off as the more expensive option. If billed annually, Leadpages’ cheapest plan comes out at $25 a month while Instapage’s comes out as $149 a month.

That’s a $124 gap on a monthly basis.

And that’s just their cheapest plans.

Yeah, there are a number of features in the cheapest plan of Instapage you will find only on the next plan of Leadpages — such as A/B Testing — but again, that is still $124 versus $49.

At the end of the day, we are going with Leadpages for this one. That’s not to say however that Instapage is a terrible choice. If you want a more free-form editor, work with a team and you want collaboration tools and don’t mind the steep price, then by all means, Instapage could be the one for you.

But from the way we’re looking at it, Leadpages just has more value for the price it offers. It features a plethora of tools which are on par with Instapage, a great editor and offerings that are unique to it such as Leadboxes (that allows you to create your own pop-ups through the drag and drop editor), Leadlinks, Leaddigits and the Website Builder, which greatly expands what you can do.

If you want to see and try it on your own, both platforms provide 14-day free trials.

For us though, in case you just want to take our word for it, then go for Leadpages.

Instapage Vs Leadpages

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Leadpages VS Unbounce Instapage Vs Leadpages

For the next round, we are going to be comparing Leadpages and Unbounce

We’ve already covered some of Leadpage’s strengths with the last section, so lets first concentrate on Unbounce.

Launched in 2009, Unbounce was created with the objective of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses via effective conversion. Flash forward to today and they’ve been doing just that, with their number one tool being their systematic landing page editor and builder.

Much like Leadpages, it allows you to build landing pages, set-up onsite pop-ups and even helps you monitor relevant data and parameters for your analytics — a step above what Google Analytics can provide, letting you adjust if needed.

Both tools are pretty easy to use. Leadpages has two editors for you to use, the standard and the drag-and-drop (though we recommend you use the latter) while Unbounce has one. The latter also uses a drag and drop interface, and it is really easy to use, together with its army of templates.

Beginners won’t have much of a problem picking up how to use the editors after a few tries. In general, they’re both pretty easy tools to learn and use, so it’s a tie in that area.

However, if we are judging on the quality of the editor, we’d need to give it to Unbounce. Leadpages offers two kinds of editors to cater to two distinct sorts of people who want to use their services. Unbounce caters to everyone with just one. Yes it might not be as simple as Leadpage’s, but the extra effort is well worth it.

In terms of the all-important templates, Leadpages has significantly more than Unbounce, but that’s not to say Unbounce’s templates are of a low quality. They are pretty good actually, and optimized and designed to be the most effective they can be.

For pricing, Leadpages wins with its standard offering of $37 per month in comparison with Unbounce’s $79 per month if they are both billed annually. That’s a substantial monthly difference that may stack-up if used for the long run.

At the end of the day, Unbounce, with its pricing and innovative features is more catered to marketing agencies and larger businesses. Even the cost point shows as much. But for everybody else, from beginners, small business owners and start-ups. Leadpages is the best way to go.

It’s simple to use, cheaper and provides you all the high-end tools you will need to grow and get ahead.


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Bonus Round: Leadpages VS ClickFunnels Instapage Vs Leadpages

As a quick bonus match-up, we’ll be comparing Leadpages to ClickFunnels — which isn’t inherently a 1 is to 1 match-up since, yes, they do help you market your business, but they do it in various ways.

First, the basics! If Leadpages helps you create Landing Pages that can enable you to welcome visitors and convert their clicks into an opt-in and other things, ClickFunnels enables you to create Sales Funnels — a series of pages which direct the visitor towards your objective.

Both can help you and your business grow.

So now that the difference has been established, how do they fare? Well, if you’re judging concerning ease of use and cost, Leadpages takes the lead and wins by a mile. But then it’s clear as to why that is — it’s not quite as rich and intricate as ClickFunnels.

Even from what they do, Landing Pages VS Funnels, it is possible to tell one requires more steps and effort, yes, but will reward you with a different kind of experience for your customer.

That’s not taking a knock on Leadpages and the simple beauty and effectivity it offers. If all you really need are landing pages, why go look farther?

At the end of the day, we say go for ClickFunnels if you need powerful and productive funnels without the fuss and hassle of having to come in with knowledge of HTML (or will need to have someone on your team that can). If you want your advertising solution to be all in one, if you need it to flow and move like an orchestra that responds to one another, this is the right option.

If you are on a budget but want to get the work done without sacrificing quality or having to know a single thing about code, Leadpages is right here for you. If your business only really needs a one-step landing page, why complicate your life.

Keeping it simple occasionally could be the most powerful move you could make.

Instapage Vs Leadpages

Who Takes the Lead? Instapage Vs Leadpages

So what is the final score? This is an important question; we all know how important the right software is for our business. Having the right software is like getting the benefits of outsourcing.

The other competitors, They all have different niches, to be sure.

Unbounce offers you flexibility when it comes to creating your webpages, and is a good choice for experienced online marketers who also have a ready budget in hand.

Instapage is for those who want to create landing pages together with others thanks to their excellent collaboration tools.

But overall, the big winner in terms of simplicity, the power of its editor and it’s fantastic price range, is Leadpages. If you are starting up, and you need to push your company forward, If you are in the thick of it and wish to give your pride and joy a boost, if you would like to get a marketing boost that isn’t too complex, then this is it.

This is the answer. Instapage Vs Leadpages

Leadpages will lead you to where you need to go.

You just have to let it.


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